Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Today is Election Day, but it's also...

Marooned Without A Compass Day. Of course, that sounds like it might have an Election Day tie-in... but our crack research staff believes that most of the Usual Suspects think Marooned With A Compass Day has something to do with finding one's own sense of direction, whether literally (can you get home tonight without your GPS?) or figuratively (start figuring out some direction for your life).

Today is also Saxophone Day. While that might have had an election tie-in in 1992 or 1996 (see, Bill Clinton's appearance on the old Arsenio Hall show, below) it appears to stand or fall on its own today.

Today is also National Nachos Day. Chip away at the day. Leave a trail of chip fragments behind you so don't get marooned without a compass. But don't play a saxophone with a mouth full of chips.

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