Thursday, November 1, 2012

All Saints Day

Yesterday was Halloween. Halloween means the Eve of All Hallows Day or, in more modern parlance, All Saints Day.

A saint is merely someone who is recognized by all and sundry as one who lives an exemplary life, an inspiration to others, and one who is clearly right with God. In other words, sainthood is really easy to define -- and really hard to achieve.

Hard, that is, except for mothers everywhere, at least judging by what our teachers told us when we were small. "Your mothers must be saints," they'd tell us in moments of particular frustration, "to put up with the likes of you!"

Men, if you'd like to make a bid for your own halo, today is also National Men Make Dinner Day. Ten points if you make dinner at home tonight -- 100 points if you clean up after, too.

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