Saturday, November 17, 2012

Did your hike yesterday with the bluenose next door go badly?

We're sorry, of course. However, we here at The Blog of Days can not take responsibility for your inability to get along with your neighbors.

But we can offer a partial solution.

Today is National Unfriend Day. ABC-TV late night host Jimmy Kimmel may have intended this as a one-time-only even in 2010, but it seems to have crept into the calendars of a number of the Usual Suspects: Today is the day you can drop all of the many "friends" you've never actually met from your Facebook list. Start with your intolerant neighbor.

On a far healthier note, today is National Adoption Day. It's also National Homemade Bread Day and World Prematurity Day, a day set aside to recognize the problems of premature births and the challenges that preemies face.

Today is also Guinness World Record Day. We may not set any world records here at The Blog of Days. But we do know how to appreciate an occasional Guinness.

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