Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pins and Needles Day

Pins and Needles Day sounds rather painful, but the Usual Suspects agree that the day does not commemorate actual pins or needles that one might step on or sit on but, rather, the 1937 opening of a Broadway revue of that name.

According to Wikipedia, the original cast were all cutters, basters, and sewing machine operators -- proud members of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union. The show only ran on Friday and Saturday nights because those were the only nights the all-union cast was not otherwise engaged making clothes.

Some of the Usual Suspects also tout today as the National Day of Listening -- but a quick check of the link will persuade you that the National Day of Listening was really on November 23. Somebody didn't hear the message correctly.

We've also seen suggestions that today is National Bavarian Cream Pie Day or Electric Guitar Day. Pope Urban II proclaimed the First Crusade on this date in 1095.

Sheet music cover obtained from the Georgetown Bookshop.

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