Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Shakespeare's wedding anniversary and Red Planet Day

This is not the Anne Hathaway
that married Shakespeare
On this day in 1582, 430 years ago, William Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway.

We asked our crack research staff to find us a picture of Mrs. Shakespeare. The illustration at left was the one they came up with. After hours and hours and hours of carefully reviewing images. We felt bad, at first, when we broke the news to them that this wasn't the Anne Hathaway we were looking for. We got over it immediately when the crack research staff responded in unison that they did not care what we were looking for; this one was definitely the one they were interested in.

Today is also Red Planet Day, marking NASA's launch of Mariner 4 on this date in 1964.

Some of the Usual Suspects also tout today as Make Your Own Head Day. Perhaps the theory is that two heads are better than one.

Today is also National French Toast Day. The French call it pain perdu, which means "lost bread," mainly because, after you've plunged your bread in the fixings for French toast, who the heck cares if the bread so dipped was just a teensy bit stale?

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