Thursday, November 15, 2012

America Recycles Day

Today is America Recycles Day.

Look, we here at The Blog of Days understand that recycling can be a big pain. Sorting and saving one's garbage seems... unseemly. And schlepping old batteries here, newspapers there, and plastics somewhere else besides gets old, especially when the trash collector comes to the curb or to the alley behind the house.

But, on America Recycles Day, make a vow -- take a pledge -- promise to do something more than you're doing now. Cut back on your plastic bags; consider reusable cloth bags for your groceries whenever possible. A lot of grocers recycle plastic bags -- take your old bags with you (and your new cloth bags) when you next head out to the store. In Chicago, it seems as if every school is collecting newspapers (and old junk mail). Why throw this stuff out when places nearby are begging for your stuff?

And, if you're still in the mood for taking pledges, today is the 37th Great American Smokeout.

Looking for something to celebrate that doesn't involve taking a pledge? Today is also I Love to Write Day, a microminiholidayette founded in 2002 by John Riddle, a Delaware author and ghostwriter. Of course Mr. Riddle wants you to write more, but he's not demanding any pledges.

We thought yesterday was too crowded with too many minor events. Usual Suspect Hallmark may have agreed. Hallmark says today is National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day. If you choose to observe this microminiholidayette today, we do hope you recycle any glass jars or aluminum foil that you pull out of the fridge.

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