Thursday, November 29, 2012

Electronic Greetings Day?

Most of the Usual Suspects concur: Today is Electronic Greetings Day, a day for sending and receiving e-cards and email greetings.

We urgently recommend that you do not wish your letter carrier a Happy Electronic Greetings Day today. We are quite certain that this day is not a particularly festive one for the United States Postal Service. (In other news, first class postage will go up at the first of the year from 45 to 46¢. Email will remain free.)

Interestingly, Usual Suspect American Greetings -- which offers different electronic greeting cards for every day at its site -- is not among the Usual Suspects pushing Electronic Greetings Day today. Instead, today, American Greetings offers a Customer Is Wrong Day card. (Well, it's unrealistic to assume the customer is always right, isn't it?)

Today is the feast day of St. Brendan of Birr, a 6th Century Irish monk. But don't jump to any wrong conclusions. This is not the St. Brendan who may well have discovered America a good 550 or so years before the Vikings got here. That would be the 6th Century Irish monk St. Brendan of Clonfert, a/k/a St. Brendan the Navigator. St. Brendan of Birr and St. Brendan of Clonfert were allegedly good pals, however, and might not mind your mixing them up. (For the record, however, the Feast of St. Brendan the Navigator is May 16.)

Today is also National Lemon Cream Pie Day and National Square Dance Day. Bow to your partner -- but, if you've had too much lemon cream pie, don't bow too low. You don't want to put an unnecessary fright into anyone standing behind you this evening.

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