Monday, November 12, 2012

Technically, today isn't Veterans Day

A lot of Americans have the day off today anyway, however.

Nevertheless, we here at The Blog of Days like to be precise. Therefore, we feel compelled to state that Veterans Day was actually yesterday -- just in case you couldn't tell from all the newscasts, observances during the football games, veteran-themed commercials, etc.

Veterans Day was the name given to Armistice Day after World War II (see, yesterday's post) and then it got moved to the fourth Monday in October as part of the federal Monday Holiday bill. The move was unpopular, so Veterans Day got un-moved, back to November 11, where it still is... except that, when November 11 is on a Sunday, everything is closed on Monday.

Confusing? We don't think the concepts are that hard to master. And if you do have the day off, you have all day now to think about it.

If you don't have today off, American Greetings says today is Happy Hour Day. That seems a tad hardcore for a Monday, but if that appeals to you, go for it. You were probably going to the local after work anyway; now, at least, you have some sort of excuse.

Anchovies on pizza?  Not today, apparently.
Today is also National Pizza With Everything (Except Anchovies) Day. Our crack research staff has yet to discover why anchovies are to be excluded from garbage pizza. The Usual Suspects are in complete accord on keeping out the anchovies. It strikes us as rather mean-spirited. If there is an Anchovy Day to make up for it, we'll try and promote it.

It is also Chicken Soup for the Soul Day. Apparently the wildly successful book of some years back has spawned an entire library of Chicken Soup books. We never knew -- but now we know where priests, ministers, and rabbis go looking for sermon material....

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