Wednesday, November 14, 2012

National Pickle Day -- and all sorts of other microminiholidayettes

Today is like a typical cable TV channel search: There are all sorts of listings, but nothing is really on.

It's a crowded field today, in other words, but a weak one. National Pickle Day may be the most exciting on today's list.

Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day is another contender. Not terrible advice -- just not a really exciting holiday idea.

And the list gets even more mediocre: One of our favorite Usual Suspects,, points out that the U.N. marks today as World Children's Day and World Diabetes Day. also suggests that today is National Educational Support Professionals Day (meaning hug your teacher's aide today?) or International Girls Day (half the population of Earth gets one day?) or National American Teddy Bear Day.

Think about that one for a moment: Girls get one day (which they have to share with children and diabetics), but this is at least the third teddy bear day we've picked up on here at The Blog of Days. No, seriously, there was Take Your Teddy Bear Somewhere Day at some point in October (there was some controversy as to when the day actually fell, and where the teddy bear should be taken) and Teddy Bear Picnic Day in July.

Usual Suspect promotes today as Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day. But leave the pickles alone? At least for today?

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