Monday, November 26, 2012

Finding something to celebrate today is a piece of cake

Today, you see, is National Cake Day. Don't be a crumb and forget to celebrate.

It was on this day, exactly 90 years ago, that archeologists first entered King Tut's Tomb.

Today also used to be Cyber Monday. Gather 'round, kids, and we'll tell you the tale: Once, long, long ago, when computers (and you) were still in their infancy, people weren't too sure about shopping on the Internet. A lot of people didn't even have Internet access -- we're not talking about access on their phones, kids, we're talking about access at home.

So people would come into work on Cyber Monday and buy stuff online. Many employers grumbled. Others aided and abetted. Then Amazon conquered the world and made a "Cyber Monday" irrelevant.

Some of the Usual Suspects also note today as Shopping Reminder Day. We say nay. Who really needs a reminder that Christmas is coming?

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