Friday, October 12, 2012

Frustration over Teddy Bear days and other moving targets

Columbus Day got moved to Monday. So, what's left for today?

Well, American Greetings says today is Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day.

But hold on here. Hallmark says Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day was yesterday, October 11. And says Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day was really Wednesday, October 10. (And, just for good measure, brownielocks avers that TYTBTWD -- which it says should really be called Take Your Teddy Bear to Work & School Day -- is always on the second Wednesday in October.)

Who would have imagined that teddy bears would be so controversial?

But, wait, there's more: says says TYTBTWD was October 11, just like Hallmark -- only says the day should really be just Take Your Teddy Bear to School Day.

Memo to any high school boys out there: Unless you're a starting lineman on the school football team, do not bring your teddy bear to school on any of these days. Maybe not even then.

And, finally, Holidays for Everyday says that Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day was Monday, October 8. When should one properly celebrate TYTBTW Day? We may never know. It may be best to commemorate your teddy bear only on Teddy Bear Picnic Day in July.

And who'd have thought that World Egg Day would be so controversial? Both the International Egg Commission and assure us that today is indeed World Egg Day, but says that Egg Day is tomorrow. Holidays for Everyday says World Egg Day was yesterday.

Frankly, we're not too enamored of World Egg Day being this close to Halloween, whatever day it is.

We could cite other examples of disagreement over the proper dates for several microminiholidayettes but, frankly, we'd scream in frustration.

Fortunately for us the Usual Suspects seem to be in accord that today is International Moment of Frustration Scream Day.

Just don't scream at the tavern tonight; the bartender will probably cut you off.

NB: The image with this post is taken from this kids' site, which provides a good account of how the "teddy bear" was so named.

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