Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Today is German Unity Day. So far, it's worked out.

It's a holiday in Germany today, German Unity Day, commemorating the reunification of East and West Germany in 1990.

We remember David Letterman's bit about the three phases of German unification:
  1. Political unification;
  2. Economic unification;
  3. France surrenders.
As yet, however, the French are still with us.

Which is particularly fortunate inasmuch as today is the feast day of a French-American saint, Saint Mother Theodore Guérin, who came to Indiana from Brittany in 1840 with five other Sisters of Providence to found Saint Mary-of-the-Woods. The mother-house of the order remains in St. Mary-of-the-Woods, Indiana, where the sisters also operate St. Mary-of-the-Woods College.

The sisters expanded out of Indiana to operate grammar schools and high schools in Indiana, Illinois and several other American states.

What is it about French religious orders founding colleges in Indiana? In 1842, Fr. Edward Sorin, CSC, founded the University of Notre Dame du Lac. You may not have heard of the Pomeroys of St. Mary-of-the-Woods College. But you almost certainly have heard of the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame.

Today may also be Techies Day and Virus Appreciation Day. Our crack research staff believes these are related observances: You'll never appreciate your techie more than when he or she clears your computer of a virus.

Techies Day may be a little more inclusive than July's Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day. But if not all techies are webmasters, all webmasters are techies, right?

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