Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hello, world, it's World Hello Day

The Usual Suspects pretty much agree that today is World Hello Day, if some are a bit vague about what it is and what it's for.

World Hello Day has a very sparse website that explains that, "Anyone can participate in World Hello Day simply by greeting ten people. This demonstrates the importance of personal communication for preserving peace." By simply saying 'hello' to 10 people, you can allegedly "send a message to leaders, encouraging them to use communication rather than force to settle conflicts."

It sounds like a stretch to us. On the other hand, what harm can it do to say hello?

However, if you insist on shutting yourself off from your fellow man, it may be particularly appropriate to note that today is World Television Day. You might have noted that today is also the 32nd anniversary of the day America found out who shot J.R. and think that this is the connection. But you'd be wrong. World Television Day is a microminiholidayette courtesy of the United Nations that doesn't so much celebrate the technology but, rather, "the philosophy which it represents."

What possible philosophy can be behind Honey Boo Boo?

On November 21, 1931 the Notre Dame football team played the University of Southern California. Notre Dame came in 6-0-1; they'd not lost in 26 games. Indeed, the Irish had not been beaten since 1928 -- when they'd lost to USC.

That unbeaten streak would end on this date in 1931. The final: Southern Cal 16, Notre Dame 14. The current Fighting Irish squad had better not take this weekend's game for granted.

And here's something else seasonal: The Mayflower Compact, the first governing document of the Plymouth Colony, was executed on this date in 1620.

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