Friday, January 4, 2013

January 5 is the 12th Day of Christmas

And Saturday will also be National Bird Day.

National Bird Day is neither a day to take a feathered friend to lunch nor a day to have a feathered friend for lunch. The linked site seems more pitched to bird watching and conservation.

Saturday will also be National Whipped Cream Day and, according to Usual Suspect, Bean Day. Usual Suspect American Greetings suggests that Saturday is also Get on the Computer Day. If you're reading this, you've probably already accomplished the goal of Get on the Computer Day. Unless you're reading this on your smartphone, we suppose.

Usual Suspect says that Saturday will also be National Second Hand Wardrobe Day. This makes sense: You've got your new clothes for Christmas -- time to bundle up those usable old ones and send them off to Goodwill or Sally's.

Sally's, you ask?

We have heard that persons who have shopped at the Salvation Army stores will sometimes call them "Sally's," as if they were a department store chain (and Wikipedia appears to back this up). We'd ask our crack research staff for more information... but they're still AWOL.

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