Saturday, January 12, 2013

January 13 is Rubber Ducky Day

Sometimes we here at the Blog of Days wonder why the proponents of all these various microminiholidayettes don't get together and look for ways to cross promote.

Just about all the Usual Suspects proclaim Sunday, January 13 as Rubber Ducky Day (a/k/a Rubber Duckie Day) -- but why wasn't this scheduled for Tuesday the 8th -- on Bubble Bath Day?

Wouldn't that be a natural fit? Don't they call that synergy in MBA school?

Anyway, extra credit points go to Usual Suspect for linking to the lyrics of the Sesame Street Rubber Duckie Song.

Our crack research staff (yes, they're finally back, if a bit worse for wear) found this YouTube video of Ernie singing the Rubber Duckie Song. Since it appears to have been posted by Sesame Street itself, chances are it may remain on line, too.

Go ahead, sing along. You have the link to the lyrics in case you've forgotten any of them....

If you're allergic to water or something, you can always celebrate Public Radio Day on Sunday. The reason it will be Public Radio Day is that the first public radio broadcast took place on January 13, 1910 -- 103 years ago. The first broadcast was from the Metropolitan Opera in New York City. Enrico Caruso was among the performers in that very first broadcast.

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