Friday, January 25, 2013

January 26 is Spouses' Day

Photo by Keven Law, obtained from Wikipedia.
Some wise guy on our crack research staff thought that today's Opposite Day celebration would tie in quite nicely with the January 26 celebration of Spouses' Day.

And then a second said he thought there was another tie-in: In addition to Spouses' Day, today is Bald Eagle Appreciation Day. If your spouse is a bald eagle, he said, there's some real celebration symmetry on Saturday.

Harrumph, we say.

And harrumph again.

Anyone can see that bald eagles are not particularly bald.

Some of the Usual Suspects say Spouses' Day is also Military Spouses' Day. We'll salute that instead.

Saturday will also be Lotus 1-2-3 Day -- the 30th anniversary, in fact, of the January 26, 1983 release of Lotus 1-2-3, the first really big PC spreadsheet program. (And it ran on IBM clones, too!)

January 26 is also Australia Day in Australia and Republic Day in India.

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