Thursday, January 31, 2013

February 1 is Working Naked Day

You may think our disreputable research staff has invented this one, but, seriously, Friday, February 1 is Working Naked Day. This microminiholidayette is the brainchild of a Texas woman, Lisa Kanerek, who operates, offering help and advice to persons who work from home, or who want to. If you work from home, Kanerek writes, you are "stripped of any support you may have had in your corporate job, including an administrative assistant, technical staff and co-workers to help you brainstorm. In other words, you’re left naked."

Not to bust our research staff's bubble or anything, but this is the sense in which Kanarek uses the word 'naked' on her site (thus the disclaimer on every single page of her site, "Everyone who works on this site is completely clothed...even in the shower!")

On the other hand, Kanarek notes, she has heard tell of other folks who've taken the concept literally, or near enough.

If you do choose to work naked Friday, please don't come into the office.

And if you go out for a cocktail after work, put on some clothes first, OK?

If you are inclined to wear clothes Friday, you may wish to wear red. Some of the Usual Suspects note that Friday has been designated as Wear Red Day, in recognition of the heart-health theme of this Valentine's month. (Usual Suspect American Greetings says Friday is Women's Heart Health Day.)

Some schools may be observing Bubble Gum Day on Friday as well. The idea is that kids can chew gum in school on this one day only -- provided they bring some money in (50 cents is the amount suggested by the linked site) for the school to donate to the charity of its choice.

This is a nice idea -- if your local school is in on the idea. The Blog of Days takes no responsibility for kids who get caught chewing gum in school Friday in those schools not observing this microminiholidayette.

Friday, February 1 is also Groundhog's Day Eve. But you knew that, didn't you?

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