Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Coincidence? We think not: Today is World Farm Animals Day

Maybe we here at The Blog of Days are getting a bit conspiracy-minded.

But all the Usual Suspects said yesterday was World Vegetarian Day and now they say today is World Farm Animals Day.

Why shouldn't the farm animals celebrate? Yesterday the world was urged to turn vegan.

And, indeed, Farm Animals Day is sponsored by an organization called FARM (the Farm Animals Rights Movement) a group whose self-proclaimed "mission is to end the use of animals for food." So we are being urged to turn vegan again.

Which is all well and good until the bean sprouts organize their own lobbying groups.

M.K. Gandhi.  Image obtained from Wikipedia.
In India, today is Gandhi Jayanti, commemorating the birth of Mahatma Gandhi on this day in 1869.

Gandhi's principles of non-violence are certainly worth celebrating, something recognized even by the United Nations, which (in Gandhi's honor) declares today to be the International Day of Non-Violence.

And it all ties together: Mr. Gandhi was a dedicated vegetarian.

But is there anything for a carnivore or omnivore to sink their teeth into today?

Well, today is also Name Your Car Day. Some people do, you know. And, on this day, at least, we can pretend they're not crazy.

Today can also be considered Charlie Brown's Birthday: The Peanuts comic strip first appeared on this date in 1950. Good grief!

And today is certainly the birthday of Groucho Marx, born on this day in 1890. You bet your life, that's true.

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