Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Today is Boss's Day. Aren't they all?

Sure, your boss has a boss too. But your boss's boss isn't your problem. Your problem is that guy or gal in the corner office who holds your whole future in his or her tight little fists.

Today is the day you're supposed to make nice with your boss, get him or her a card and a coffee mug or maybe a gift certificate to some lunch place where you'll never, ever go... just in case. Does that seem like sucking up? Brown-nosing? Appeasement?

Well, heck yes. Folks gotta do what they gotta do to get by.

But... while The Blog of Days absolutely does not endorse this... some today will try a bolder course: Take the boss out for a couple of pops after work tonight. Get him or her tipsy. Keep the cell phone camera on standby and, well, you never know what you might get. Does this seem like dirty pool? Blackmail? Extortion?

Well, heck yes.

Maybe you should avoid Boss's Day altogether.

Instead, you might consider celebrating Dictionary Day today -- it's Noah Webster's 254th birthday, you see -- or perhaps World Food Day. Instead of trying to entrap your boss in an embarrassing moment, consider doing something positive today to fight world hunger.

Today is also the 219th anniversary of the day on which Marie Antoinette was guillotined -- but that probably has you thinking of Boss's Day again, and not in a helpful way either.

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