Sunday, October 21, 2012

Reptile Awareness Day? Didn't we just celebrate Boss's Day?

No, wait, that comparison is probably unfair... to reptiles, anyway.

Yes, today really is Reptile Awareness Day.

It's also Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Day. Kids, just this one suggestion: Even if you don't much care for your Sunday School teacher, don't try and combine these observances by bringing a reptile to church today, OK?

Today is also National Dabbling Day. Dabble in something today; it may be your obsession tomorrow.

And, finally, today is Garbanzo Bean Day. What are garbonzo beans, you ask? Apparently, according to our crack research staff (which sometimes can figure out how to use Wikipedia), garbonzo beans are the same thing as chickpeas. What are chickpeas you ask? We know they're used in hummus, somehow, but The Blog of Days is not a food blog and our crack research staff was exhausted just giving us the little it did.

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