Saturday, October 20, 2012

Beware: Today is Sweetest Day

The third Saturday in October (that's today, folks) is Sweetest Day, a sort of ooey-gooey, icky-sticky landmine along the lines of Valentines Day. (In other words, fellas, your sweetie will want some acknowledgment from you today -- and you better come across.)

We accused our crack research staff of all sorts of terrible things when they insisted that Usual Suspect Hallmark doesn't even cite Sweetest Day as one of its choices today. Sweetest Day would be the quintessential Hallmark Holiday, we thought. But -- and here is where we have to publicly apologize to our crack research staff -- Hallmark offers two completely different choices for today, World Osteoporosis Day and National Brandied Fruit Day -- and that's it. You could look it up.

Today is also Suspenders Day -- but if you tell your sweetie that's what you're looking to celebrate tonight, that may be what you're hung up by.

Our own top pick for a Sweetest Day alternative comes from Mental Floss: Today is Information Overload Day. The Internet giveth, and it keeps piling it on.

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