Thursday, October 25, 2012

If October 20 was Sweetest Day, can you guess what today is?

Most of the Usual Suspects proclaim today Sourest Day.

Why? Who knows? And didn't we just celebrate National Grouch Day here at The Blog of Days? (Why, yes, yes, we did.)

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Personally, we think the grouches and the sourpusses should get together and choose just one day that we could promote the heck out of. And, then, just as soon as we type that sentence, we realize how unlikely it is that grouches are ever going to agree with sourpusses.

Today has been designated as Greasy Foods Day in some quarters and World Pasta Day in others.

Today is also the Birthday of Pablo Picasso, if that's not too abstract a concept for you, and also National Denim Day. For you art students out there, Picasso had a "Blue Period," not a "Blue Jeans Period."

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