Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Today is Video Game Day

Oh, my aching thumbs! The Usual Suspects align again: Today is Video Game Day.

Oh, sure, some of you haven't seen your kid in ages, up in his bedroom or down in the basement with the latest edition of Madden or some shoot-'em-up game, or maybe you've got an avatar of your own in the World of Warcraft and your significant other is worried about your allocation of time between reality and the game world.

Well, everybody chill: Video games may not be all bad. A May 2012 post on Science Blog (from whence the accompanying image was obtained) cites an Iowa State University study that claims that "pro-social" video games can promote good behavior in teens -- and discourage bad behavior.

Hat tip to Captain Obvious: None of the Grand Theft Auto games are included in the good, "pro-social" category.

If you can't stomach video games, today is also National Chocolate Milkshake Day. Now, that's easy on the stomach... in the short term. There may be, um, inflationary effects in the longer term....

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