Monday, September 10, 2012

Sew Be It Day! starts the week off with a terrible pun: Sew Be It Day commemorates September 10, 1846, the day on which Elias Howe was awarded the first American patent on a sewing machine. Hallmark, a little more sensitive to our tolerance of puns on a Monday morning, merely characterizes today as Sewing Machine Day.

The anniversary of the award of a patent to Elias Howe for the sewing machine does not strike you as a particular apt occasion for celebration? Obviously you have forgotten (or have never seen) the end of the Beatles' movie, Help!

Actually, if you don't recall the end of Help! you may not be nostalgic for another candidate for your attention today, TV Dinner Day. In those dark days before home microwaves, TV dinners were a quick way to get a quasi-nutritious meal in a relative hurry -- and who can forget that distinctive aluminum tang that permeated every entree?

Not you?

Maybe you'd prefer Swap Ideas Day instead. Today you can brainstorm it up with friends and colleagues and perhaps change the world for the better. All it takes is having an idea -- and then finding someone else who also has an idea -- and then not coming to blows should your ideas prove incompatible. (Maybe this is why Swap Ideas Day has not caught on....)

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