Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September 4: Newspaper Carrier Day

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!
Newspaper business in death spiral! Extra!
On The Blog of Days so far we've had a microminiholidayette for a mostly dead technology (Typewriter Day) and a seemingly-dead-but-perhaps-rebounding technology (Vinyl Record Day).

Today is Newspaper Carrier Day, a day set aside to honor the front-line troops of a rapidly declining industry.

The kid hawking papers at the corner has been a relic of the past for ages already, but in the gray pre-dawn light one can still see vans and trucks moving up and down the residential streets of most major cities, tossing newspapers onto fewer and fewer porches.

Depressed yet?

For those of us who grew up addicted to newspapers, this is kind of a downer.

If you're looking for something better, consider National Wildlife Day as a possible alternative. "Wildlife" in this context refers to the beasts of the field, however, not to the social life lived mainly in your fevered imagination.

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