Saturday, September 15, 2012

Something about hats today -- and more

The Usual Suspects refer to today variously as Hat Day, Felt Hat Day, Make a Felt Hat Day or some combination thereof.

Not the most exciting concept, but there you have it.

A company making educational products, FableVision, promotes today as International Dot Day. This is done by teachers "making time to encourage their students’ creativity." Because today is Saturday, most schools will not be in session and students will be creating all by themselves.

Or, perhaps more likely, still celebrating Video Day (September 12).

Today is also the 155th birthday of William Howard Taft. Taft was the only person to serve both as President of the United States and as Chief Justice of the United States. But jokes about his legendary girth -- e.g., he was the only man big enough to hold both jobs -- are totally out of bounds here at The Blog of Days.

Rosh Hashana begins tonight at sundown. Happy 5773 to our Jewish readers.

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