Thursday, July 5, 2012

When choosing a micro-mini-holidayette, choose one that someone might actually celebrate

Today, July 5, provides a perfect illustration.

Hallmark and a number of the other Usual Suspects proclaim today National Workaholics Day.

Let's just suppose that's true.

Would anyone interested in such an observance actually do something to celebrate it? How about the rest of us? Should we all stay at work a half-hour longer?

That's just not going to fly, is it?

But, fear not, there is a viable alternative. says that today is Bikini Day: It was on this day, in 1946, that the bikini was introduced to the world by French fashion designer Louis Reard. Fortunately, he didn't model his invention; he left that to Micheline Bernardini, an exotic dancer at the Casino de Paris.

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