Saturday, July 21, 2012

Did we miss Woodie Wagon Day? And controversy swirls around Monkey Day, too

Some Internet sources say today is Woodie Wagon Day -- but others say it was July 15.

Here at The Blog of Days we try and avoid controversy and bill collectors both, so we'll not recommend Woodie Wagon Day this year. Perhaps next year, if the competing claims can be resolved....

We were going to suggest Monkey Day as a suitable alternative, but it turns out that there are at least two of these as well.

If you're planning ahead, the "serious" Monkey Day, the one with its own Wikipedia page, is December 14. Today's even more obscure observance is about more about 'monkeying around' than calling attention to medical research on our simian cousins.

While there are a number of sites that proclaim today as National Tug-of-War Contest Day, we here at The Blog of Days will go with one of Hallmark's recommendations today and proclaim today National Junk Food Day.

Hop in your woodie and buy yourself some chips today.

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