Saturday, March 2, 2013

National Anthem Day, Namesake Day

Readers of The Blog of Days already know that the Star Spangled Banner was penned on either September 13 or September 14, 1814 (depending on whether you follow This Day in History or Wikipedia), but Sunday, March 3 will be National Anthem Day because it was on March 3, 1931 that President Herbert Hoover signed an Act of Congress officially adopting the Star Spangled Banner as the National Anthem of the United States.

March 3 is also Namesake Day, a day, according to Usual Suspect Days of the Year, "to explore the roots of your name, to find out if you were named after somebody of something in particular, and to research and connect with people who share the same name as you." Just don't get carried away with this. Remember the cautionary tale of Kelly Hildebrandt and Kelly Hildebrandt, a couple who met on Facebook when they discovered they shared the same name and soon thereafter married. Earlier this year Mr. and Mrs. Hildebrandt announced their divorce. At least Kelly Hildebrandt didn't have to stress about resuming the use of her maiden name.

Sunday will also be I Want You to be Happy Day. That sounds like something Kelly Hildenbrandt may have said to Kelly Hildenbrandt in the course of declaring the marriage over. Or was it the other way around?

Well, we here at The Blog of Days want you to be happy, too. And even though Sunday will also be National Cold Cuts Day, that's no baloney.

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