Thursday, March 21, 2013

Friday will be Goof Off Day

Our crack research staff celebrates this one year round, but Friday, March 22 is the official Goof Off Day microminiholidayette.

A word to any wage slaves looking in: Your boss may not appreciate your open celebration of Goof Off Day, so be careful how you mark the occasion at work. The Blog of Days is not responsible for any consequences that may be visited on your sorry butt for goofing off too noticeably in the office on Friday.

And if you think Goof Off Day is all wet, consider Word Water Day, another U.N. observance. You can celebrate by putting ice in your drinks tonight at the local watering hole -- or, better, by visiting the linked website and learning about the problems caused by unequal access to potable water around the world.

And, whatever else you do Friday, set your phasers on stunned: William Shatner turns 82 on March 22 (he was born in Montreal on March 22, 1931).

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