Sunday, August 5, 2012

Underwear Day -- no, really, it is -- grab a beer and celebrate

Our crack research staff surfaced long enough to advise that today really is Underwear Day ( is not the only Usual Suspect to so assert; so too does

The research staff explains that Underwear Day seems to be a promotion of an online underwear vendor, Not exactly a huge surprise there, is it?

Both of the aforementioned Usual Suspects assert that today is also International Beer Day. Gone-ta-pott enthuses, "beer parties are hosted and drinking games are played in celebration of beer. Believe it or not, beer parties are traditional on this day worldwide."

We believe. What we find it hard to believe is that there are days when beer parties are not traditional.

Celebrate International Beer Day with too much gusto and you may find yourself stumbling around town in your underwear. This would probably not be the best way to combine today's observances. If this is how you wind up, however, keep in mind that American Greetings touts today as National Blackmail Day. Things could get awkward.

If you're looking for something more sedate, but still out-of-this-world, did you know that today is Neil Armstrong's 82nd birthday?

Well, it is.

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