Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August 28: Turnovers and computer games

To be specific, a number of the Usual Suspects proclaim today National Cherry Turnover Day. Even if you like cherries, this barely qualifies as even a minor microminiholidayette.

Office workers may find Race Your Mouse Around the Icons Day to be a more palatable alternative. Rearrange the icons on your computer desktop to set up a challenging course -- and see how fast you can navigate it while you're sitting on hold this afternoon.

The IT department probably won't beef if you race your mouse, but you may draw more flak if you celebrate Crackers Over the Keyboard Day in the manner suggested by the name of the observance. The Blog of Days is not responsible for any discipline imposed against any cubicle dweller who chooses to crumble crackers over his or her keyboard.

If you're looking for something more substantive to celebrate today, it is the Feast of St. Augustine, Bishop of Hippo and Doctor of the Catholic Church, who died on this day in A.D. 430. Probably not the occasion you'll celebrate in the local tavern tonight, however.

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