Saturday, August 25, 2012

A day for osculation and reconciliation

How's that for a fancy way to announce that today is Kiss-and-Make-Up Day?

Because that's what today is -- there's a pretty strong consensus on this amongst the Usual Suspects.

Not surprisingly, however, none of the Usual Suspects reveal why today should be Kiss-and-Make-Up Day. If you screw up tomorrow or a week from Tuesday with your significant other, should you be expected to wait until August 25, 2013 to kiss and make up? Do you think your significant other will be satisfied with this?

Don't bet on that happening.

We here at The Blog of Days don't want to denigrate anyone's special day... but we'd submit that any day is a good day to kiss and make-up.

Of course, the alternatives today are pretty thin: American Greetings offers Healthy Day -- we should only be healthy one day a year? -- while suggests National Second-Hand Wardrobe Day -- is this day set aside for Nordstrom's customers go slumming at the Salvation Army Thrift Store?. proposes National Neighborhood Day and Hallmark's alternative to Kiss-and-Make-Up Day is National Banana Split Day.

Our crack research staff was quick to clarify that this last-named microminiholidayette pertains to the food item and not to the late 1960s television show.

But the theme song got in your head anyway, didn't it?

Such a catchy lyric, too: Tra-la-la, tra-la-la-la....

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