Thursday, February 7, 2013

No consensus for February 8, but lots of choices

Usual Suspect suggests that February 8 is Opera Day. As you learned here yesterday, others suggested that today (February 7) is Ballet Day. Maybe this is the week to get any cultural impulses out of your system before pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training.

Tomorrow will also be one of Charlie Brown's least favorite days: National Kite Flying Day.

The Boy Scouts of America were founded on February 8, 1910. Several of the Usual Suspects proclaim February 8 Boy Scouts Day to commemorate that anniversary.

February 8 will also be National Molasses Bar Day, but by far the best suggestion we've seen for the 8th is Laugh and Grow Rich Day.

We have the laughing part down.

On February 8, 1942, the Japanese invaded Singapore. Unlike Sir Thomas Raffles, however, the Japanese didn't turn right around and leave.

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