Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February 27: Polar Bear Day or Kahlua Day? We think it's a No-Brainer

Photo obtained at this site.
Many of the Usual Suspects tout Wednesday as Polar Bear Day, which is probably seasonably appropriate. Wikipedia says polar bears cubs are typically born between November and February. We are inclined to limit our interactions with giant carnivores, however. We are happy to leave the Arctic to the wild polar bears; if we really need to, we can visit some of their cousins in the local zoo.

Besides, many of the Usual Suspects also advise that Wednesday will be National Kahlua Day. Here is a worthy celebration. Have a Black Russian, or a White Russian for that matter, tonight at your local tavern. Drink a toast to the polar bears if you please.

An easy choice, no? And how appropriate, then, that Wednesday will also be No Brainer Day.

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