Monday, February 25, 2013

February 26 is Tell a Fairy Tale Day

Once upon a time, we here at The Blog of Days might have balked at a vague microminiholidayette like Tell a Fairy Tale Day. Not that we object to fables or fantasy; we like dragon-slaying as much as the next knight. But why choose February 26 for this observance? What is so special about Tuesday that it should be so honored?

But we have learned to stop asking questions like this because they only give us headaches. So, tonight, at your local, start spinning tall tales. Make yourself the hero or the damsel in distress as you see fit. Claim a cave or a castle for your home. It's your story. Make it a good one.

Tuesday will also be Levi Strauss Day (Levi Strauss was born in Button-fly, er, Buttenheim, Germany on February 26, 1829), National Pistachio Day, or National Personal Chef's Day. Do so many people have personal chefs that a day should be set aside to honor these culinary whiz-kids?

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