Thursday, June 7, 2012

June 7: Daniel Boone Day, VCR Day, and still one more...

National Chocolate Ice Cream Day!

I know we've said that obscure food days, like last month's "National Grape Popsicle Day" are a bit of a stretch as far as holidays go. But I happen to like chocolate ice cream better than grape Popsicles; accordingly, I am willing to stretch a little more on this occasion. Especially if I can stretch in the direction of the freezer.

For the rest of you the Library of Congress says that it was on this day, in 1769, that Daniel Boone "first saw the forests and valleys of present-day Kentucky." For the last 100 years or so, the Library of Congress continues, the Kentucky Historical Society has commemorated that event as "Daniel Boone Day." I followed the link provided by the Library of Congress to the aforementioned Kentucky Historical Society -- and found nary a mention of this great event.

Nevertheless, a quick search with any reputable search engine will quickly satisfy the overly concerned that today is indeed widely recognized as Daniel Boone Day... but you may also find this May 14, 2012 article in the Wilkes (North Carolina) Journal-Patriot ("Wilkes County's Local Newspaper Since 1906), which asserts, in no uncertain terms, that Daniel Boone Day was observed in the greater Ferguson area on Saturday, May 12. Perhaps this is the day on which Boone set out for Kentucky -- but The Blog of Days does not wish to get involved in what is obviously a swirling controversy.

For those both risk-averse and lactose intolerant (or on a diet), today is also "VCR Day." Our crack research staff is still trying to find out when National Buggy Whip Day will be observed.

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