Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June 27 is National HIV Testing Day... and also some really obscure observances

Today really is National HIV Testing Day.

But... I don't know... get a blood test (follow the link for more information) at lunch... and then brag about your disease-free status at the local in the evening?

It seems... tacky.

But the alternatives are sparse and the Usual Suspects are all over the board as to what they might be. has National HIV Testing Day and Industrial Workers of the World Day. But our crack research staff has been all over the Wobblies' web site and none of us can figure out where got the idea.

Brownielocks also suggests that today is "Decide to Be Married Day." At least there's some support for this one on the web; there is even corroboration that today is the one and only official Decide to Be Married Day. Apparently the day was inspired by a poem of the same name.

Hallmark offers none of the above. Per Hallmark, today is either Orange Blossom Day or Sunglasses Day. (I suppose you can play Corey Hart's "Sunglasses at Night" if you can find it on the jukebox at your neighborhood tap. If you don't have a jukebox at your neighborhood tap, you should find another place to patronize.)

The sole offering from American Greetings is Talk Like a Cheesy Private Investigator Day.

It's Independence Day in Djibouti, too. Which is great if you are in that tiny East African country.

You have lots of choices, at least, even if they are all pretty obscure.

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