Thursday, June 28, 2012

June 28: Today the United States Supreme Court will decide the fate of "Obamacare"

And most people will celebrate or mourn according to their preconceived political notions without regard to what the Court might actually say or what the decision might actually mean, or how the decision will affect them individually.

If you'd actually like to read and consider what the Supreme Court says this morning before reacting (or overreacting) -- and there must be some people left who are rational in this world -- you could observe instead the 86th birthday of Mel Brooks.

A famous Mel Brooks line is, "It's good to be the king."

And it was pretty good to be England's King Henry VIII (it's his 521st birthday today).

Certainly better to be King Henry than most of his various queens. Anne of Cleves made out alright, but the rest... not so much.

It's also Paul Bunyan Day -- according to most people. But says February 12 is Paul Bunyan Day. She also says he was born in Maine. Michigan and, of course, Minnesota also lay claim to that honor, and those claims seem stronger to me -- that is, to the extent that claims about mythical people can be weighed and compared.

Besides, February 12 is already Lincoln's Birthday. (And here's a tip for you youngsters out there: Ol' Abe used to split rails with his axe... not to kill vampires, OK?)

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