Saturday, June 29, 2013

Meteor Day or Meteor Watch Day -- whatever you call it, keep your eyes on the sky

Image of Chelyabrinsk meteor obtained from ABC News website.

A meteor did significant damage in Russia earlier this year, injuring more than a thousand people and damaging as many as 4,000 buildings (reportedly blowing out a million square feet of window glass). A couple of months later, another meteor shook up residents in north and central Argentina.

We think of ourselves as pretty darn safe here on Planet Earth -- so smug that many of us think that we humans ourselves present the only danger to our continued survival (see, pollution, climate change, nuclear war, etc.).

We can't help but wonder whether the dinosaurs ever thought of themselves as pretty safe, too.

From the webcomic Chuckle-A-Duck

Some of the Usual Suspects call Sunday, June 30 Meteor Day, others Meteor Watch Day. Whatever we decide to call it, it's best to remember to pay attention to the dangerous Universe around us. Maybe take some time on Sunday and look at NASA's Near Earth Object Program website and check out what might be coming into the neighborhood for a visit... that we know about, anyway....

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