Thursday, June 6, 2013

June 7 is Doughnut Day and VCR Day

Friday June 7 is Doughnut Day. Doughnut Day (or Donut Day) was started by the Salvation Army in the 1930s as a fundraiser (and still is, if you care to click on the link), but Dunkin' Donuts and Krispy Kreme are both planning promotions for Friday as well.

We consider doughnuts to be perhaps the greatest pastry ever... but we are never quite certain whether to spell it d-o-n-u-t-s or d-o-u-g-h-n-u-t-s. However the word is spelled doughnuts aren't going out of style anytime soon.

The same can not be said for the once-mighty VCR. Cutting edge technology barely 30 years ago, and the victor in the bloody Betamax war, the VCR has since been displaced by the DVD, the Blu-ray, and now by streaming video. Many of us of a certain age have extensive tape collections -- and it's getting harder and harder to find a machine on which they can be viewed.

June 7 is VCR Day, a day to remember the vanishing VCR. On Friday, we can remember the once-proud VCR as it vanishes into the mists of time, the clock on the front still flashing 12:00....

And if you're not too filled up by doughnuts, June 7 is also National Chocolate Ice Cream Day.

Crooner Dean Martin was born on June 7, 1917. One-time tennis starlet Anna Kournikova was born on June 7, 1981.

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