Sunday, May 19, 2013

Monday is Be a Millionaire Day

Most of the Usual Suspects agree: Monday, May 20 is Be a Millionaire Day.

Isn't that nice?

But where does one find directions on how to get one's own million with which to participate?

We can save you the trouble of futilely searching the web for an answer: If you look, you will find helpful advice like... save money or watch your expenses. Imagine. Here's a news flash: If watching your expenses will help you be a millionaire, you already are.

But, even without your own million, maybe you can participate today by pretending. Dreams are free. That, indeed, may be the whole idea.

Monday is also Pick Strawberries Day. At least in places where strawberries have already grown. In Canada (which, presumably, does not yet have strawberries) Monday will be Victoria Day.

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