Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cheeseballs, Mustangs, Ellis Island, Hemophilia, and giving into nagging

Wednesday, April 17, will be National Cheeseball Day, a food microminiholidayette of negligible import and one we might have ignored but for Usual Suspect Punchbowl.com's explanation of what a cheeseball is -- or, rather, what cheeseballs are: Cheeseball may properly refer to two different foods. "The first type of cheeseballs are the bright orange, marble-sized snacks that turn your fingers orange (very similar to cheese doodles). The second type is the kind you might serve with crackers at a party." We'd often wondered about this.

We've never heard anyone actually use the term "cheese doodle" in conversation (we suspect it may be a regionalism foreign to the Midwest) but we have been known to get our fingers orange on occasion. Also our clothes -- that stuff doesn't come off easy.

Wednesday will also mark the 49th anniversary of the introduction of the Ford Mustang (the 1964½ Ford Mustang, to be precise). We'll try and get our crack research staff to do something special for next year's 50th anniversary. Anyway, a number of the Usual Suspects refer to Wednesday as Ford Mustang Day in commemoration.

Some of the Usual Suspects also mention that Wednesday will be Ellis Island Family History Day. The day was not chosen randomly. According to Wikipedia, the Ellis Island immigration center processed 11,747 people on April 17, 1907, the single busiest day in the busy history of that facility.

Wednesday is also World Hemophilia Day, sponsored and promoted by the World Federation of Hemophilia.

And almost all of the Usual Suspects call April 17 Blah, Blah, Blah Day. Usual Suspect Holiday Insights explains that this is one of those Wellcat Holidays that pop up now and again, this one devoted to doing "all of the projects and things that people have been nagging you to do. This may include quitting a habit, losing weight, or working on home projects." If that sounds like fun to you, you're welcome to celebrate it. We'll settle for Cheeseball Day instead.

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