Thursday, December 13, 2012

National Cocoa Day, Violin Day and Pick a Pathologist Pal Day... and that's just for starters

A glut of microminiholidayettes on the docket this morning, including:
  • National Cocoa Day,
  • Violin Day, and
  • Pick a Pathologist Pal Day.
We can understand a National Cocoa Day in December. But why celebrate violins today? No one seems to know. And when and how was it determined that pathologists were so friendless and alone that we had to set one day aside each year to make overtures in their general direction?

And those are just for starters. It's also National Ice Cream Day and, according to Usual Suspect American Greetings, Clip-on Tie Day.

We were frankly skeptical that clip-on ties were even still available -- some Baby Boomers may remember them from the 1960s when these were worn with parochial school uniforms -- but our crack research staff quickly discovered any number of sites selling clip-on ties today.

Many of these sites seem to be security-related -- which makes sense -- there's no choking hazard if a bad guy grabs a cop's clip-on tie. But seriously, does anyone else wear these besides cops and rent-a-cops? Why?

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