Monday, September 2, 2013

Think big and take another look on September 3

Chicago's Tribune Tower.
Tuesday, September 3 is Skyscraper Day.

Skyscrapers are the trees of the urban forest. As Paul Simon once sang, one man's ceiling is another man's floor. In a skyscraper, even the proverbial little guy can go up in the world.

We could go on in this vein, but you've got the idea.

Tuesday is also Another Look Unlimited Day, the idea being that you should take another look around your house (or your office in the skyscraper) and see what you can discard. Don't throw it out -- give it to charity or repurpose it. Taking another look may help avoid filling landfills prematurely.

Tuesday is also Welsh Rarebit Day. Usual Suspect advises that Welsh rarebit is a snack made with cheese on toast.

Cartoonist Mort Walker turns 90 on Tuesday. Actress Valerie Perrine turns 70 on Tuesday. And TV's enfant terrible Charlie Sheen will be 48 on September 3.

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