Sunday, August 4, 2013

Work Like a Dog Day sounds more appropriate for Monday than another International Beer Day, doesn't it?

See what happens when we start to recognize microminiholidayettes dedicated to beer? They proliferate. We told you International Beer Day was Friday, August 2. Several of the Usual Suspects would have you believe that Monday, August 5 is International Beer Day instead. Or in addition.

If you can get away with extending your weekend, more power to you.

For the rest of us, Work Like a Dog Day sounds more appropriate for another darned Monday.

Interestingly, International Assistance Dog Week starts today, August 4, and runs through August 10. So... does Working Like a Dog Day refer to, you know, working like a dog, nose to the grindstone, and all that sort of stuff or does Working Like a Dog Day refer to working like an assistance dog -- guiding and comforting and all that sort of stuff? Usual Suspect Holiday Insights suggests the former... but we are not entirely persuaded. We leave it to you to sort out this cosmic conundrum, over one or more beers if you insist.

Monday August 5 is also National Underwear Day, at least in the opinion of corporate sponsor To celebrate the occasion, Freshpair is trying to round up as many people as possible to come out to New York's Times Square (at Broadway between 46th and 47th St.) between 5:00 and 7:30 EST -- in their skivvies of course -- in an effort to break one of the more obscure Guinness world records. Participants must be 18 or over -- and there are other rules besides. Among these are:
  1. Men must be wearing underpants, boxers, boxer briefs or briefs. They cannot be wearing shirts, undershirts, or jock straps.
  2. Women must wear underpants, thongs (not too revealing; allowed on a case-by-case basis), shapewear or boyshorts (that are clearly underwear). Shirts or full coverage bras are also permitted.
One wonders whether self-proclaimed "New York City icon" The Naked Cowboy will be participating.

Maureen McCormick as Marcia Brady
The United States Army abolished flogging on August 5, 1861. But the first income tax was levied on August 5, 1861 as well.

Usual Suspect says that the first stop light was installed on August 5, 1914 in Cleveland, Ohio (at the corner of Euclid Avenue and East 105th Street). Unfortunately, the linked article does not mention when the first ticket was issued for running that red light. We're guessing August 6, 1914.

The first man to walk on the Moon, Neil Armstrong, was born on August 5, 1930. He died just last year.

And if that doesn't make you feel old -- actress Maureen McCormick, who portrayed Marcia Brady on TV's Brady Bunch, turns 57 on Monday. She was born August 5, 1956.

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