Friday, July 26, 2013

Saturday is National Bagpipes Day, Scotch Day... and Take Your Pants for a Walk Day?

No, it's not St. Patrick's Day again. But some of the Usual Suspects claim that Saturday, July 27 will be National Bagpipes Day, also referred to as Bagpipe Appreciation Day.

Well, we appreciate bagpipes. We even like bagpipes -- at least in moderation.

Someone once said that the only thing better than 30 minutes of rousing bagpipe music was 15 minutes of rousing bagpipe music.

That seems about right.

And, speaking of moderation, Usual Suspect includes Scotch Day among its lists of observances for Saturday -- but it doesn't give that top billing.

Actually, a little scotch (or, if you prefer, a little Irish whiskey) makes bagpipe music sound all that much better.

Too much whiskey, though, and you may find yourself celebrating Take Your Pants for a Walk Day. This sounds like a microminihoidayette invented by Anthony Weiner. If you must take your pants for a walk Saturday, stay in them. Please. Unless, we suppose, you're wearing a kilt?

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