Monday, April 30, 2012

Welcome to the Blog of Days

Sure, you're sitting in your cubicle now with a pile of work in front of you. But later... lunchtime, maybe, or tonight, you may want to celebrate something, or at least lift a glass (or two) and toast... something. But what?

Well, my friends, it turns out Roseanne Roseannadanna was right: It's always somethin'.

According to Wikipedia, today, April 30, is Consumer Protection Day in Thailand -- or, if you wish to sound really smart, "Wan Khumkhrong Phu Borophok."

Just to be sure, go to a Thai restaurant today for lunch or dinner, order the Pad Kra Praow Lard Khao or something and ask your server if today really is Wan Khumkhrong Phu Borophok.

By the way -- don't blame me if that turns out to be something other than what I think it says. Those crazy college kids sometimes fiddle with the entries on Wikipedia.

And come back tomorrow for another suggestion about how to do the day right. Yes, I know it'll be May Day tomorrow -- but I'll give you an alternative, if you're looking for one.

In fact, come back every day. Thus the name of the blog, see?

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